Daddy is finally here with mommies.
Chris D’Elia joins us for pretty much non stop laughs. We already want him back. AND is it possible we found a less impressive, more infuriating musical “skill” than scatting? YES. This is an instant classic. Pull your jeans up.Read More →

The mommies discover the sissy of Fremont, talk about Andre the Giant’s farts and more importantly his best friends beard. AND, how many donut holes could you eat in one 12 minute sitting? We feel a competition brewing.Read More →

We thank YOU, the listener for sending in your Ball Hog videos and we talk to everyone’s ‘Best Friend’ Alison Rosen about her new book, Tropical Attire Encouraged. Pull your jeans all the way up for this one, unless you use a washcloth in the shower (because you are poor).Read More →