Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 484 w/ Yoshi & Redban

Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 484 w/ Yoshi & Redban

On this episode, the Mommies find out about another person who has been decidedly banned from McDonald’s. Also, who is the “Tour Bus Champ?” Tom or the fattest working comedian today: Burnt Chrysler? We learn about the protocol for Browns on the bus and what duration of time is it acceptable to go Brown and then make love? Fart Simpson has a new prank call while McDonald’s and Garth’s social media have something in common.

Next, we have an old favorite making his triumphant return…. It’s YOSHI! Yoshi catches us up on some things he’s been working on and the latest medical testings he’s participated in. The Mommies also quiz Yoshi on his “knowledge” and see if he can identify “strong performers” by only hearing them “finish.”

Then REDBAN, the OG Producer and YMH original returns to discuss his browns, why people at The Comedy Store are mad at him over an interaction with Jerry Seinfeld, wiping techniques and perhaps the most heinous story ever told in YMH history. Plus some WOULD YOU RATHERs and Fillerups!


  1. Comedians making money off mental illness? That's a yikes for me dawg, you're not aware of the better now/YouTube scandal? Paging Dr Segura

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