Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 478 w/ Adam Ray

Uh-oh, better check all your previous tweets, thoughts, voice recordings and more! They’re coming for you and want that apology. You giving in? Kevin Hart said, “No, thank you” to the Academy and comedians around the world are forever grateful.

Plus we have the good stuff. An amazing YMH EXCLUSIVE! It turns out that Julia kept an extra video from Joe and she’s held on to it all this time until now. We have that video! Get that vomit bag ready for another winner from Joe.

Comedian/actor Adam “The Voice” Ray joins us in studio and he is a natural fit. Check out his podcast About Last Night that he does with another YMH alum, Brad Williams.

We also have some amazing VFX to share made by a mommy, edge-of-your-seat type of conversations around gigantic mean being proportional EVERYWHERE, horrible or hilarious, Tip Toes’ IMDB trivia page, and more!


  1. I'm an eastern blocker and ex goth. Never thought I would relate to anyone as much as I do Tom. Don't really like his wife tho

  2. Pull those jeans up high and tight, right under your sloppy hangers and don't forget to wish Julia a good morning.

  3. Jeans having fevered dreams filled with black veiny cocks. and then she wanted to go to the Globe Trotters to continue her mom's legacy

  4. Hi Julia, just wanted to say I love your videos,mommy. I hope all is well in lost angled tits. Keep em high and tight.

  5. I'm friends with the tiny girl who handled Adam's social media. You should piss on me. Try it out!

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