Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 482 w/ Liza Treyger

Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 482 w/ Liza Treyger

This week, the mommies respond to the comments about the new YMH set and everyone agrees: THEY’RE LOVIN’ IT! The mommies reveal their partnership with McDonalds and how huge this is for the studio! Tom also reveals that he might be a bit of a fart supremacist, claiming he should NOT have farted into the fart mic on the last episode with such a week fart. Christina disagrees, but what do YOU think?

And a lot of you submitted entries for the Saatva mattress give-a-way, and we watched tons of them. We watch submissions from from the batch of finalists and pick the two winners. Was it you???

Then we run through a list of some of the coolest guys to add to the “Cool Guys Club” of YMH! We got a pastor with an interesting perspective, and a very eager reviewer who shares his thoughts on two new adult toys he just got! Pretty cool!

Then our special guest and fellow “degenerate” Liza Treyger joins the show! She tells us about her preference in adult videos, the backlash she’s getting from her recent MSNBC segment, and a little about her dating life. Tom and Christina do their part and introduce her to a ton of single guys we’ve featured on Your Mom’s House! Does she have a favorite?


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