Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 477 w/ Kyle Dunnigan

What an amazingly action packed show we have this week for you, Jeans! First, we start off with a news anchor reporting on a fart crime she was born to report on. We also find out how terrible Tom Segura is at cutting his own hair and beard. Leave it to the professionals!

We then venture over to Studio G to see all the amazing things that are happening in the world of Garth Brooks! His dad promos for his CBS televised stadium show at Notre Dame is the first thing we analyze. Followed by how savagely destroyed the entire comment section on EVERY single instagram post by mommies. We have the best fans. However, we definitely got an angry message from Garth’s cousin (nor nephew?) that really gave us a piece of their mind.

Tom then tells us his thoughts about MJ’s wedding from Shahs of Sunset. Spoiler alert: he was very upset!

We then have an amazing time reviewing ALL-FEMALE submissions for “Good Morning, Julia” and then even an EXCLUSIVE phone call with Julia herself!

Then we have Josh Potter return for his “Dark Web” segment where he discusses his favorite serial killers and creeps the hell out of Christina P! Get read for a disturbing history lesson!

We then have comedian and Instagram sensation, Kyle Dunnigan, join us in the studio! He gives the mommies a dental update, some trade secrets on his Caitlyn Jenner and Bill Maher impressions, and in return, Tom and Christina completely rebuilt his dating strategies!

Pull those jeans as high and tight as you possibly can!


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