Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep, 479 w/ Nikki Glaser

Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep, 479 w/ Nikki Glaser

So many people are looking for love this week on Your Mom’s House Podcast. From juggalos to sugar daddies to Nikki Glaser! Before Nikki arrives, Tom and Christina go through more doppelgangers, fan emails, and Julia submissions.

Of course with all this Julia hype, we lured out the amazing prankster Fart Simpson! He unveils one of his BEST prank calls yet! Joes is calling in to a hardware store to apply for a job!

Then the amazing #NikkiGlaser returns to the mommy dome to talk more about her love life, her Sirius XM show “You Up w/ Nikki Glaser,” Dancing With The Stars, and a lot more! How does a person date Nikki Glaser? Tom and Christina try to find out! They even run her through a BUNCH of potential YMH bachelors! Who would you pair her up with?


  1. Got to give home boy credit for putting himself out there just looking for real unconditional love, juggelet or not. Respect for the toothfer, naw what I meen?

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