Kevin Hart Should NOT Apologize – YMH Highlight

Although Kevin Hart stepped down from hosting the Oscars, one thing all comedians commend him for is not apologizing for a joke. What do you think he should have done?


  1. I agree that Hart shouldn't have had to "perform" a new apology when he is faced with an unfair ultimatum.

    But jokes based on outdated morals keep those morals normalized, so of course the comedian should formally retract any past jokes that contribute to toxic cultures of past or present.
    That wouldn't be an improv game.

  2. And the people offended are usually the ones that weren’t the ones even mentioned in the joke

  3. Why do we care what people say. It's not like gay people don't say stuff about straight people or blacks against whites. This has been going on forever the only people who cant laugh at them self are usually people that think they have power or do have power . Get over the words . Remember we still haven't fixed the homeless problem or the drug problem let's not try to fix speech .

  4. kevin dont apologize, you're funny as hell, ignore all these snowflakes.

  5. It’s pretty weird how society punishes comedians for jokes. It’s possible to be pro-gay but also want your son to be straight.

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