Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep 481 YMH Studio Launch

Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep 481 YMH Studio Launch

It’s finally here. We have moved…Inside Studio Jeans and we got our friends together to celebrate the new space and their new shows.

It might be an upgraded studio but it’s still Tommy and Tina and all the wonderful clips and conversations that keep your jeans so high and tight.

When Christina was anxious last week what did Tommy show her to calm her down? It may not have been the best idea.

PLUS, Louie CK’s new set was leaked and ripped to shreds. T&C weigh in.

AND, they are joined by Dr. Drew to discuss his new podcast, Dr. Drew After Dark where he examines clips from YMH and how Tom and Tina reacted to them. Plus Drew will talk to a comedian and explore what’s going on under the hood with them.

AND Ryan Sickler steps in for a hilarious conversation and to talk about his new podcast, The Honeydew. Sickler will have rotating guest hosts, and guests to discuss low points in their lives and how they found their way up and out of them.

All the podcasts will be available on their own RSS feeds for download or on YMH Youtube channel. Pull em up!

Finally Andrew Santino stops in and once again kills it in the guest chair. His new show, Whiskey Ginger will also be found on the Youtube channel. There, you can hear him interview different guests ranging from comedians to not-comedians.


  1. Love the show but not liking the new studio. I’m not sure why Todd and Christine are sitting like news anchors at a huge desk, both facing the camera, when so much of what the show is about is their banter with each other. Also, it’s super awkward putting the guests on a little short couch separated from Tim and Christie by giant tall desks.

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