McDonalds Ends YMH Sponsorship - YMH Highlight

McDonalds Ends YMH Sponsorship – YMH Highlight

You win some, you lose some. Apparently the #CoolGuyClub was too much for #McDonalds so they decided to end the #sponsorship. Was the newest addition to the cool guys club worth a 2.3 million dollar sponsorship? Either way, please buy our merch.


  1. "We also have stupid listeners". Coming from the man who cannot light a simple room properly.

  2. Fuck Shitty D’s from now on. Real talk. I’d rather suck on the butt plug after being in homeslice’s ass than eating there again.

  3. Tom Segura, Youre a douchebag because of your low class humor. You are sick!! you disgust me. Let's stop the 5th grade bullshit immature humor and put out more respectable content!

    1. Michael Myers why don’t YOU stop taking the lives of the innocent and really look inward for solutions to life’s problems!

    2. Or. Hear me out! OR. You could go watch another comedy podcast, and let his fans and him enjoy his type of humor.

      Just sayin’, loser, it is an option.

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