Interviewing the REAL Julia!! – YMH Highlight

Good morning, Julia!!!! Skip to 6:10 for actual interview. We finally did it and got the real Julia on the phone to get the real story! How did Joe get the number? What does her boyfriend think about it? Are they going full throttle? We start with a few all-female submissions for “Good Morning, Julia” and then get into an amazing call! Do YOU have any videos sent to you by any creeps? Send them to us! #YMH #GoodMorningJulia #FullThrottle #ItsMeJoe


  1. This is great. Let's get a new breakfast news show going called "Good Mornin' Julia!" Try it out.

  2. Haha the ladies stepped up on this one. You are doing good! Come on over for moose soup.

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