Redban's Origins - YMH Highlight

Redban’s Origins – YMH Highlight

Brian Redban tells Tom Segura & Christina P how he got started working with Joe Rogan and how The Joe Rogan Experience got started. From humble beginnings to one of the biggest podcasts there are!


  1. You've got a stain on your couch, you might wanna wash it off with some pool water.

  2. Redband: leader, revolutionary
    Tom Segura: follower, a mommy

    The difference is uncanny.

  3. Please don’t flatter Rogan, his podcast is already turning into shit from his big head

  4. Thanks! I'm gonna go listen to the full podcast.

  5. I remember all the thousands of comments I saw which spoke so negatively about redban. I was liked him and I also think that he’s grown into a well rounded person

  6. I love Brian, but he's one of those guys I could curb stomp to death and not feel a thing.

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