Hard Rock Nick - YMH Highlight

It’s not often that Tom Segura and Christina P get THIS excited about an internet video. Sometimes, you just know when something is going to be amazing, and so far, Hard Rock Nick is the gift that keeps on giving. We go through everything we can find from his preferences in women he dates, clothes he wears, houses he buys…Read More →

Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 485 w/ Big Daddy Kane

Woah, Mommies. Pull those jeans up high because today’s episode is BANANAS. First the Main Mommies come across a lady who is sharing all KINDS of stuff out in the open. We find out all the inhumane things the collective unwashed perpetrated while Mommy Tina was traveling for her Ride or Die Tour. A 40th Birthday celebration is in the works and someone is being left out. Tom really likes the new Ted Bundy Tapes documentary and Christina thinks his mind is polluted by it. Read More →