83 Weeks #32: Starrcade 1996

Join Eric and Conrad this week as they delve deep into the subject of WCW Starrcade ’96! What was the story behind the Hollywood Hogan-Roddy Piper main event, and why did it wind up being non-title? What did Eric think of Lex Luger’s performance in the semi-main against The Giant? At this point in late 1996, what were his thoughts on his pal Diamond Dallas Page’s career, and what about Eddie Guerrero, who’d been with the company for over a year? How did The Outsiders vs. The Faces Of Fear come about? Who on this card did Eric think had the worst wrestling gear he’s ever seen? All this, plus talk about Mysterio-Liger, working with Sonny Onoo, burying Vince McMahon in interviews, a Muhammad Ali story, and so much more!


  1. Wrestlemania was the WWF answer to Starrcade, it’s a shame they now shit all over it.

  2. Hogan not beating piper was a great story, but had piper toned down his promos, instead of getting his character over, he could have created more heat for the match.

    Great episode!

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