Why Ric Flair Was WRONG To Say Kevin Nash Has No Talent

Solomonster answers a listener question about the three best matches of Kevin Nash’s career, and why Ric Flair was wrong to once say that Nash has zero talent.


  1. Kevin Nash may not have been a ring general, but to say he’s talentless is just wrong. You don’t become as successful as Nash was without talent. You want to look at a talentless big man look no further than Giant Gonzales. Guy was literally just big, that’s it. Nash is infinitely better than him.

  2. I wouldn't say Kevin Nash was the greatest in the ring but he must have some talent to have good matches with Undertaker, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.

  3. what he lacks in technical ability he excelled when it came to personality because Kevin Nash is still one of the most hilarious wrestlers and best shit talkers to ever exist the man is pure comedy

  4. My favorite Kevin Nash matches as diesel in WWF: diesel vs the undertaker at wrestle mania 12, Kevin Nash vs Bret Hart at survivor series,and Kevin Nash vs Shawn Michaels at in your house: good friends,better enemies.

  5. Kevin Nash was trained by Jodi Hamilton. And Jodi wouldn't let Kevin Nash wrestle if he felt that he wasn't ready

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