Your Moms House Podcast - Ep. 488 w/ Bert Kreischer

Your Mom's House Podcast – Ep. 488 w/ Bert Kreischer

Woah Mommies, it’s a very special week so pull those jeans up. This week we have the fattest working comedian currently alive today. When will he die? The Mommies discuss before Bart’s arrival. Plus, did you know it’s SHART WEEK!?

Bert Kreischer arrives with all the hate in his big, over-sized heart. There is a debate about who the true Tour Bus Champ really is, plus we see never before seen clips from Brad’s NETFLIX special. Do you know what a Mississippi Wet Wipe is? What’s the worst smelling part of Brent’s body? All these questions are answered, plus some new Sober October plans for the coming festivities.


  1. this fat bastard is so fuckin racist how is he so popular hes like the larry the cable guy of this generation

  2. I'll never get the shirtless Bert thing, I would not want to stare at that for an hour, let alone more than a second or two. I guess I don't get it.

  3. Fuck the 52 people that thumbs downed this. Fuck you and fuck trump. Hoe a man out.

  4. Being overruled by the great imperial Bezos and the fall of the Republic 2019 was totally worth it to hear Alexa, try it out America

  5. wow. I can only imagine all of the awful racist things that big fat burnt said during the terry segment…

  6. YMH is the most demented podcast ever…well, except Bobby Lee's podcast XD 20:41 Jesus Kreischer…what have you done YMH XD XD

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