The Quest for the Ultimate Patty Melt | The Burger Show

Is the patty melt a burger or a sandwich? It’s a debate that holds a different meaning in SoCal, where the patty melt was born. To pay tribute to this underrated burger, Alvin is linking up with patty melt legend, chef Christian Page, to scout the best of what L.A. has to offer. From eating the historical patty melt at the famous diner, Du-pars, to sampling the new-school version at Cassell’s—which chef David Chang crowned as “best in class”—get ready for Alvin’s quest to find the ultimate patty melt.Read More →

Seth Rogen Taste-Tests Secret Fast-Food Burgers | The Burger Show

Burgers are universally beloved because they’re the food of the people. But few can deny the appeal of secret, off-menu burgers—a concept that was popularized by the GOAT fast-food chain, In-N-Out. With the obsessive demand for Animal-style burgers, other fast-food chains like Shake Shack and Five Guys have taken note, creating more competition in the field. So which fast-food, off-menu burger reigns supreme?Read More →

Why Lowriders and Backyard Burgers Define East L.A. | The Burger Show

It’s no secret that Los Angeles has minted stars in the burger world. But for many natives, it’s the homegrown, backyard burger traditions that keep the burger scene here alive and well. Just ask Alvin, whose childhood growing up in East L.A. is filled with memories of grilling burgers on Sundays and watching the area’s famous lowrider clubs cruise the boulevard. Read More →

Bob's Burgers Taste-Test with H. Jon Benjamin | The Burger Show

Millions of us have fallen in love with Bob’s Burgers, the heartwarming cartoon series that chronicles the life of Bob Belcher and his family-run burger joint. For chefs like Alvin Cailan, many parts of Bob’s life resonate with his own experience running a kitchen. Which is why Alvin was so excited to meet the man who voices Bob—H. Jon Benjamin—and cook burgers from the show IRL for the season finale of The Burger Show. If you want to taste burgers made on The Burger Show, check out the last night of Alvin’s burger pop-up, March 13th, at the Nolitan Hotel in NYC. Read More →

Sean Evans, Matty Matheson, and Miss Info Judge a Stunt Burger Showdown | The Burger Show

When it comes to food on the Internet, the bigger and bolder—and more rainbow colors—the better. It’s a formula that’s spawned a wave of “Stunt Food”—food whose sole purpose is to rack up likes on your Instagram feed. Chefs may not crave this kind of food, but it’s no secret that they’re also natural competitors. When they see something on their social feed, their first instinct is to say “I can do it better.”Read More →

The Ultimate Expensive Burger Tasting w/ Adam Richman | The Burger Show

In the series premiere of The Burger Show, host Alvin Cailan teams up with food-TV legend Adam Richman (Man v. Food, Secret Eats) to discuss a hot-button issue in the burger world: the rise of gourmet, expensive burgers. With bespoke beef blends and luxury toppings like truffles driving prices through the roof, are the upgrades really worth it? Find out as the duo tries premium patties ranging from $23 to $295.Read More →