Runner Chokes Mountain Lion to Death (Gracie Breakdown)

Travis Kauffman was running trails in Colorado on February 4, when a mountain lion attacked him. He fought the animal for several minutes before strangling it to death, and based on new details he released in a press conference yesterday, we know exactly how he did it. For educational purposes, we’ve reenacted the entire event, and we’ve added three additional chokes every mountain runner should know before they hit the trails. Read More →

How to teach your wife ANYTHING!

Most men who love jiu-jitsu, want the women in their life to learn the art, but they have NO CLUE how to teach and as a result they ruin it from the onset! In this short excerpt from the new Women Empowered 2.0 instructional program, Rener discusses the 3 most important teaching tips every man must follow if they’re going to ignite the jiu-jitsu fire in significant others!Read More →

Jamal Update

Jamal Update: We’ve been in communication with the attorney and he says the family has declined the opportunity to come to California for the all-expenses-paid training opportunity. We offered for us to fly to the UK to train them in their house, and they also declined. We tried everything, but unfortunately, it’s not happening. Thank you for believing in jiu-jitsu, and in us, but this time we couldn’t get it done. All your donations will be fully refunded by GoFundMe in the next week or so. 🙏Read More →

Understanding the functionality of a firearm is one of the most important survival elements in any gun defense situation. This exercise was done under the supervision of trained professionals to give you information that may keep you alive in a life-or-death encounter. Never try this on your own. Note, this exact variation does not apply against a revolver. #gun #selfdefense #bjjRead More →