Kenny Omega Getting His Own HBO DOCUMENTARY?

There is a documentary in the works on the life and career of Kenny Omega that appears set for an HBO debut next year in Canada, and rumors are abound about something he may announce in the film.


  1. I don't see why he needs to come out of the closet I mean 90% of his fans knows he has a thing for Kota
    I mean who gives a shit about who a man or girl loves?

    I don't care he's bi or gay I just love him because he's a great wrestler and a human being
    That's the only things that matters to me when it comes to Kenny or wrestlers in general.

  2. But nearly everybody knows he’s bi… Like if that’s the entire theme of the documentary then it’s gonna a pretentious mess…

  3. Kenny Omega and 90% of NJPW roster is overrated as Fuck none of them have good basics only ones good in NJPW are Hiroshi Tanahashi and Okada that's it

  4. Anti-Smarks everywhere shat their pants in rage, fear and disbelief when this news broke.
    If Omega does in fact come out of the closet on the HBO, the amount of bigoted bile that the Smarkbuster wannabe's unleash online will be quite something.

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