AO-PEE?! Vince McMahon Has A Good Laugh At NXT’s Expense

After peeing himself at Survivor Series, Drake Maverick’s team is now getting chants of “AO-Pee Pee”, while The Revival loses again, this time to the Lucha House Party and a piñata. Vince McMahon is having himself a good laugh at NXT’s expense.


  1. I stopped watching wwe this year because of what's been going on. Got back into it 2016 and thought it wasn't consistent but atleast entertaining here and there, especially with AJ and others, but today I just cant lol

  2. And yet people defend WWE by saying "not everyone is going to be a champion "

    Yeah but that doesn't mean almost every NXT call up has to be buried like this.

  3. Vince has no idea how to book talent at all seriously I don't even watch raw or smackdown anymore it's the same b.s. every week same 6 man tag team match same shit I honestly wait until it's over or go on here for clips this b.s. is completely unnecessary

  4. pro wrestling is dead now, wwe aint is a shell of it's former self, and the other promotions just don't have a good apeal, do yall selves a favor and save 5 hours of your life and stop watching monday night trash and tusday night garbage… don't even get me started on tna…

  5. Man I feel so bad for The Revival they are so good. Looking at they are treated now we might as well start calling them The Dead on Arrival

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