Joe Rogan Experience #1254 – Dr. Phil


  1. In general, its a little weird to hear all these media personalities swearing so much LOL, idk why!

  2. i've always hated dr phil and thought his stupid fake show was total garbage but this interview was fantastic, really shown him as much more of a compassionate human than i expected.

  3. Joe, u need to get rid of this spinning face intro thing with the third eye and the countdown, the techniques that are being used here are dishonest and hypnosis is not acceptable to have when you're actually spreading truth, its conflicting with your morals, brother, idk who designed this but it needs to be considered and taken and changed completely. in my opinion. Thanks

  4. Yea..I think the lady on Dr Phils show this week that thinks her son has schizophrenia like his sister…has severly damaged her sons brain with the 50 Drs and all the Medications…

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