Max Holloway vs. Dustin Poirier at UFC 236 REACTION | Luke Thomas

Max Holloway vs. Dustin Poirier at UFC 236 REACTION

According to a report from ESPN, Max Holloway will face Dustin Poirier at UFC 236 for the interim lightweight championship. This announcement has an enormous amount of implications. Is Holloway, the featherweight champion, going to stay at lightweight if he wins? What does this rematch say about both competitors now? What is going to happen to Tony Ferguson, who apparently declined the opportunity to fight Holloway? What should? What does this mean for the future of UFC interim titles? This is an exciting fight, but feels like a strange way for the UFC to conduct business.


  1. Tony us gonna fight the winner of this fight for the real belt. Khabib gets stripped sadly

  2. Its Saturday uhh dont know what day it is….Luke confirmed stoner. I know he meant date.

  3. I’m cool with an interim *IF khabib gets stripped and tony fights the winner for the belt. Khabib shouldn’t get to sit out and not get stripped, while Tony gets injured and immediately stripped.

  4. This is a great fight Luke. I can't help but feel bad for Tony Ferguson because he deserves the ACTUAL title shot. Don't blame him for turning the Interim Title match down. As far as Holloway and Poirier… both are not the same fighters they were when they fought the first time. The irony is it seems like their losses to McGregor lit a fire within them and they both evolved and went on tears!

    I think Max takes this fight, this time around. He has hit his stride, in his prime and on another level at the moment. I can see him overwhelming Poirier and chipping away at him as the fight goes on. Max's ground game improved, his take down defense, striking… everything. With all that being said Dustin is an underrated beast. It wouldn't SHOCK me if he wins either. But definitely picking Max Holloway.

    When you move up in weight typically you are at a disadvantage, not the rule but usually the case as you know Luke. BUT… I don't think Max is going to be affected one bit. He is actually taller than Poirier, and this is funny… Poirier has more reach. Interesting.

  5. It just goes to show everyone, it's prize fighting and belts are just there to promote the best fight.
    Rankings are more or less the same thing. No specific rules to both.
    It's not a league. It's two guys trying to f… each other up.
    And I love it. The guys can take or leave a fight. The style doesn't suite you, leave it. It doesn't make sense, leave it. It's not a tournament either.
    And the champ is the guy who has the best marketable run. At the top they're all great fighters and promotion gets them paid. Down the ladder they all want a piece and the next best get it.
    It's sports entertainment…👊

  6. I feel like Ferguson is just going to say NO unless its a title fight vs Khabib, and he's right.

    If we see Tony vs. Khabib, Max vs. Poirier and Conor vs. Iaquinta in 2019, the LW picture will be a lot clearer

  7. Khabib says that he's going to sit out as long as his teammate. The reality is he would be sitting out that long anyway. If he doesn't fight by June he'll end up sitting out until Sept.-Oct. because of religious reasons. Now in a perfect world Tony would then fight Khabib and the winner of the Max vs Poirier fight would fight the winner. Since we don't live in a perfect world I have a feeling that somehow JackAss (Dana) will come out with a different fight. He'll come out with Khabib vs Conor because that is the fight that everyone wants to see. Nobody wants to see THAT fight. I wouldn't mind seeing Conor fight either Al Iaquinta or Kevin Lee though. I think that Al deserves it more for stepping up on short notice to fight Khabib. He also did better than McNuggets too.

  8. I’d argue that this interim vs Holloway at least is more meaningful than the last one. Ufc is in a bad spot because of Conor. They gave Tony an interim title for beating Kevin Lee who was #7 at the time, they rushed it because they were waiting for Conor to come back and weren’t sure if he would. But once tony got injured they wanted khabib vs Conor, putting Tony in a weird place, they only thing they could do now is give tony another interim because khabibs gonna sit out a while. The ufc messed up the division because of playing favorites and letting Conor do w.e he wants

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