Back Escapes with Silver Fox and Coach Zahabi

Be sure to checkout and for more Jiu-Jitsu gems from one of the best BJJ instructors on the planet. Special to Karel Pravec for sharing his knowledge with us. We all love having you on the show! thank you!


  1. Great content guys. Love watching the Fox, he's like a magician when you think you have an arm bar and you realise he's holding your toe 🙂

  2. Wow this content is free? Awesome work guys. Zahabi your a legend mate. Masha aallah. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Interesting how after all these years of being a master, Firas can so comfortably step into the student mode. Insane.

  4. Own all his and your stuff. This video was fantastic. Would love a similar video of front-headlock/guillotine escapes when he visits next.

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