Sneaky D’Arce Choke – NYC Variation!


  1. Cha Ching!!! Rorion taught Renner well on making a ton of money on cookie cutter Techniques.. JiuJitsu is a dying art in MMA. Name 1 current Gracie who has a winning record in the UFC..Sambo is FAR better skill at self defense… just ask Khabib. Jiu Jitsu like Aikido works great on drunks and idiots but in real life or death… god no.

  2. You gotta get Sensei (or Kyoshi) Gene Dunn of Brooklyn BJJ or Kyoshi Matthew of UWS BJJ, they're amazing practitioners!!

  3. Rener I am a 15 year old kid living in Kimberley South Africa, in South Africa we only have 2 gracie academy's
    One in Capetown one in Johannesburg

    Can u PLEASE open one in Kimberley.๐Ÿ™ƒ

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