Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 467 w/ H3H3

Such an amazing episode today. Before our guest join us, Tom and Christina have an interesting discussion on a man who pretended to be mentally disabled in order to fulfill some diaper fantasy with three random women. Is there any harm in that? Probably, yeah.

We get some emails from fans, one of which propose any interesting idea the Tom is actually the one who is not #rideordie . We take a look at the best contender for Water Champ we’ve seen to date. Will the mommies challenge him? Maybe. Also, the mommies talk Bert and Ernie’s living situation, and update to the kids who did the McDonld’s prank, and some young Christian woman who found the need to get involved with telling a man to stop looking at adult videos.

THEN, Hila and Ethan Klein from H3H3 Productions swing by the studio and have a magical two hours. Was this a match made in heaven? They immediately get knee deep in brown talk, government assistance for the handicapped, how H3H3 got started, how Ethan and Hila started dating, Jeff Dunham, Teddy Fresh, and a lot more.

Keep your jeans high and tight!


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