Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 466 w/ Andrew Santino

This week on Your Mom’s House w/ Christina P. and Tom Segura, the hilarious Andrew Santino (Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here, Homefield Advantage) joins them! However, before he joins them, the saga of Christina the Snitch continues! Should she #turnhimin or should he #lethergo ? The mommies then get into face farting videos and how they would react if they found out their grownup kids did that. What would you do?

Tom then reveals he has been in communication with another doctor that is eager to answer the mommies’ important medical questions about farts.

Then Andrew Santino joins the mommies to continue the “Ride or Die” conversation. What would you do if your significant other came to you after committing a felony? Are you ride or die?

One thing is for sure, Andrew Santino is immediately granted hall of fame guest status at Your Mom’s House.


  1. I don't know why Christina P knows what the wave/particle duality of light is, but that's pretty cool

  2. Someone needs to tell Christine that "irregardless" is actually a word.

  3. Just another example of Christine coming up with excuses for her terrible personality.

  4. c'mon mommy jeans haven't you ever seen training day with denzel jeanzington? he asks his trainee if he likes to get wet and tells him to try it out

  5. holy shit, cheeto's story in the last 10 minutes of the pomcast made me laugh so damn hard, that is next level parenting right there

  6. Dubai has a law against having cars that are older than like 5years. Regardless of make or model you have to buy a new car every few years. That's why they have massive lambo graveyards. Subsequently most of them are resold the world over as lightly used.

  7. Bill Burr picking up the ladies, oh yeah great goat tee, and yeah for give Bill a chance.

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