Ethan Klein On YouTube Comments – YMH Highlight

Ethan Klein, Hila Klein, Tom Segura and Christina P. discuss the differences between the kind of feedback you get at a standup comedy show VS the feedback from the YouTube comment section. Christina makes a good point that comment cards are WAY easier to avoid than YouTube comment sections, while Ethan shares that YouTube’s algorithm makes it nearly impossible to avoid. Which method of feedback would you prefer?


  1. 4:35 Ethan saying sarcastically “it’s sweet in a way knowing you can create a whole ecosystem of hate videos”….isn’t that how they became famous? He can dish it, but really can’t take it can he?

  2. I'd love to smoke some meth, jack 4 strokes and bust hot white thick cum all over hila and Christine's faces. Then piss on Tom and beat Ethan.

  3. So Tom mentions how he needs get in on this game and release a video like "Hey Ethan and Hila from H3 was just here and boy do i have something to say about them" and Ethan says like "yeh , if you do it it'll probably get a shitload of views." And now here we are.

  4. Cant stand youtubers jesussss. They are the most talentless bunch of nobodies.

  5. I've seen all these H3 "hate videos", theyre valid criticisms put in a really thoughtful way, whereas when H3 would posts a video about someone he really tries to ridicule them in every way possible. Comparing the way ethan criticizes people to the way he is being criticized, its clear to see hes being a hypocrite.

    The H3 podcast is lazy and a complete and utter sellout. It's sad because H3 used to be one of the best channels on youtube.

  6. Ethan, I hope you're reading this, QUIT NOW, you'll NEVER be as FAT or RACIST as Burnt Krustler, STOP TRYING.

  7. All of y'all are in the comments saying he is a whiny pussy for struggling with all the hate he had been getting. But I know for a fact that none of y'all know how it feels to have thousands of people hating on you and saying the most awful things, for every little mistake or slip up you make. The average person cant even handle 1 person hating and criticizing them, imagine hundreds. Ethan is not a self observed hypocrite for staying away from the comments. Especially if he's dealing with depression. He's a human, and he still has feelings, having a popular YouTube channel doesn't make you immune from feeling hurt by hate.

  8. Never liked h3h3 but I love ymh. From what I understand, they talk shit day in day out but can’t take shit talked on them? Don’t know what all the hate videos are about, is it those crazy eyebrow moves he does every 4 seconds though? Someone string together all the eyebrows just in this video, pretty sure it’d be pretty funny

  9. I rarely bother leaving bad comments on youtube unless it's something really fucked up or straight up dumb, if anything I just thumb down the video and move forward with my life! But these two aren't funny or interesting to me AT ALL, rather watch actually funny stuff like GMM, Tigerbelly, JRE, JKNews and obviously the Water Champ and Jean.

  10. Make sure you wipe down the seats after those Yiddish snakes were sunbathing on them

  11. Having severe depression isn't an excuse to be a spineless cunt who cant take what they dish out. Most of us mentally ill cunts do just fine accepting a life full of criticism and stigma, but without millions of people who star fuck us in the comments and a supportive family. Step outside of the bubble you've created ethan and get some perspective, stop whining in public and deal with it privately. I like your content, but the frequent bitching and uniformed stupidness in your podcast really made it hard to continue finding joy in your videos, wish id never watched any of your podcast, its put a real damper on enjoying you good videos. Anyone with half a brain can see the ignorance in talking about political crap; hypocritical opinions when comparing to content you've created; self loathing even tho you've got a career most people on YT would only dream of, man. Be grateful for what you've got, a beautiful women, millions in the bank and your physical health. Cant say i'm close to that blessed and dont even have good enough health to work a stable job anymore in my fucking 20's.. Take some MDMA or something, sounds like you need it.

  12. We need to bust out the violin and play a sad song for all the rich public figures of the world. Poor babies.

  13. I dont think he understands the difference between a critique and just talking shit. There isn't hundred of "h3 hate videos", there's hundreds of fans voicing their opinion and hes stating he doesnt want to listen to their critiques. So glad I never subscribed.


  15. I thought this Jew was depressed? This Jew doing podcasts n shit lol fake azz


    -This HESHE podcast couple started popping up the last year on videos for anyone watching Comedy Podcasts on YouTube.

    –Bill Burr was a huge get for the HESHE podcast couple recently.

    —As a result they drew a HUGE amount of views from *shitbags that never saw them before (*like me).

    —-The noticeable larger crowd did not seem to enjoy Bill Burrs appearance….at all.

    —–Yes the comments on that YouTube video in particular were pretty darn *harsh (*truly accurate).

    ——-Backlash ensued from a larger ONLINE audience than usual.

    ———–HESHE podcast *couple (*the guy in particular) is not enjoying the *harsh realities of a newly found self-awareness that have began to set in (*truly accurate).

    What's with the Creepy, ill-timed Muppet-esque eye movements?
    Are the HESHE podcast couple supposed to be funny?
    Did Johnny Carson invite every comedian to the couch?
    Does Snoop Dogg own a dog?
    Tom why you be fuckin with these Transylvanian rejects for?
    Is bread toast if I bake it in the oven?
    Will the HESHE podcast couple please go away from mainstream comedy, please?

  17. Kind of shelving criticism because they just aren’t entertaining and talentless. I can’t understand why anyone would be a fan of H3H3. At least a joe Rohan has skills and hobbies that are interesting and Tom Segura is genuinely funny but these people are just middle of the road commentators

  18. Dealing with depression sucks balls. I can only imagine it's amplified when you make a living from YT. I like Ethan's approach to it all.

  19. Ethan will be ok, Hila will help him hide a BODY if need be, She's down for her man, RIDE OR DIE SHIT

  20. Christina lookin like she about to drop some sick rhymes over a boom bap beat or some shit <3

  21. This guys eyebrows have a life of their own…
    I wonder if he even knows what they’re doing

  22. Only because yall ignore the positive ones, it's like 70 percent positive or just jokes.

  23. Love defeats hate. Cheers to the GOOFS and the GAFS.
    Keep Them Jeans "High n Tight" and Papa Bless

  24. His bitch is fine. I think our mommies should become swingers with them, Hila and Tommy Buns clearly have a connection, and Mommy Tina is a self loving over analytical dumb dumb, like Ethan.

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