Ethan Klein On YouTube Comments – YMH Highlight

Ethan Klein, Hila Klein, Tom Segura and Christina P. discuss the differences between the kind of feedback you get at a standup comedy show VS the feedback from the YouTube comment section. Christina makes a good point that comment cards are WAY easier to avoid than YouTube comment sections, while Ethan shares that YouTube’s algorithm makes it nearly impossible to avoid. Which method of feedback would you prefer?


  1. His bitch is fine. I think our mommies should become swingers with them, Hila and Tommy Buns clearly have a connection, and Mommy Tina is a self loving over analytical dumb dumb, like Ethan.

  2. Love defeats hate. Cheers to the GOOFS and the GAFS.
    Keep Them Jeans "High n Tight" and Papa Bless

  3. Only because yall ignore the positive ones, it's like 70 percent positive or just jokes.

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