Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 463

No guest this week, but Tom Segura and Christina P really round the bases with this great episode. We start with some brown talk, dads who can’t handle farts in the car, and then transition into one of the most interesting beginnings to an adult movie. The mommies then discuss in length the return of Louis CK and what they would do in his shoes. Is there any plan that works? Also, is this something Louis should be able to recover from? Should he work it into his act? Is what he did as bad as Harvey Weinstein or any of the others?

Tom then brings up what he’s like to do with Christina for their 10 year anniversary, which is a vocal improv art camp. WHAT. We then circle back to the Forrest Gump vs. Jenny argument. Was it ethical? Does it matter if she came from a broken home? The return of Lung Infection guy possibly singing some Michael Jackson song, some insane drive-thru videos, a studio G parody, and a lot more.

Also, let’s not forget that we did a skype interview with Paul Flart! Please help us get to 100k signatures to erect a statue of him in Washington DC!


  1. my argument for saying salmon with a hard L is this, you say SALad…and you say MONday….together, SAL-MON, but who knows really #FGTRTD

  2. Concerning the Louis CK talk.. It might just be that I'm european — but it's not really that big a deal. I don't see why he can't keep performing.

    Christina P is coming off as a puritan when discussing this metoo bullshit.

  3. can't wait for these two to leave the country when they get held to account for their racism.

  4. heres a perspective, 32:07 look at tom….he wants to fucking laugh so bad. just like i am at home listening to christinE getting all mad over fucking nothing. its something you can fucking laugh at. bottom line. physically raping and forcing yourself on someone is not something that is ever funny. jacking off in front of them is, because its not as fuckign serious. and no bitch gonna lose sleep over it.

  5. Y'all really sound like haters the way you both talk about Louis ck, he jerked off he didn't rape anyone

  6. The whole Louie discussion just rubbed me the wrong way. I think Tom gets it based on his response though Christina not so much. How soon is too soon really? Honestly, if Louie had come out of hiding to do that set 12 months later there would still be lots of anger towards him. If he had waited 2 years, the response from most of the angry mob would be EXACTLY the same. In the end, Louie will do what he wants to do and does not need Christina's or any other person's permission, PERIOD. Not like he's back on TV or anything.

  7. I must have neuropathy problems bc I fell asleep at nine but I woke up to this FOUR STROKE GEM so I had to try it out

  8. Yeah, part of the penance is how big of a deal people like Christina make over only waiting 9 months instead of a year. She'll be a fan again in like 3 years.

  9. You guys are doing real good!!!! LoL. My Jean jacket and I love you guys. Tom, I saw you at Oxnard Levity Live in January of '17 when I was there for work and have followed you for a long time but now my co-mommy wants me to stalk your Christina P. And take us to one of her shows… Damn it man! You guys are always giving me smooth brown!

  10. Sounds like Tom and Christina aren't big fans of Louis by the way they addressed him in this podcast. It was weird when Tom said that he's amazed that people talk about Louis C.K.'s jokes as poetry when in fact they should be considered as poetry because it's a comedian's form of art. Tom's jokes should also be considered poetry even if he doesn't see it that way because both guys are great comedians and great artists. Of course Louis shouldn't have done what he did but I just thought that other great comedians would have a better understanding on Louis wanting to get back on stage after 9 whole months of not going up. I guess it's just dog eat dog in the comedian world…

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