Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 459

This episode was delayed due to Tom’s demanding movie star lifestyle, but don’t worry, it’s HOME HERE NOW. Christina had a THEYBY. She and Tom go over the huge upside of raising their child in a gender neutral world.

There’s also a new cool guy who is just putting out to the world that he would like some sex and he chooses the most unflattering of camera angles to rope you in. AND Charo and Top Dog are on the show discussing everything from M**ijuana to Charo’s amazing farts and so much more.

PLUS, your emails cover ANNOUNCING you have a big dong before you should it to a lover and whether or not your mommies fight before or during the show.


  1. Cardi B's baby was probably born retarded since it was born so prematurely. You did the right thing by holding it in.

  2. BIg guys, stop fucking raw. Use some coconut oil or some sorta jojoba oil. Don't tear up the young ladies who don't know any better. Poor lady.

  3. What type of diet did Christina go on? Seems like she lost a lot of weight in a week.

  4. congrats on the new baby! Glad it went great. Sorry the RNs were giving you shit.

  5. The show they want to pitch sounds a bit like "Elders React" by the channel "FBE" on YouTube.

  6. What's silly is you fat sacks of crap using Apple products while shitting on SJW's….. The hypocrisy is so thick, my asshole is bleeding

  7. Hey Tommy! You're looking good after the birth! You still working out and dieting? Anywho, glad to see you're taking care of yourself.

  8. Christina P gets a baby and is that a new set of headphones too? Congrats you guys!

  9. Just wanted to say that I truly enjoy your guys show. Your interactions are truly funny and genuine. Tom you're a lucky guy man Christina is beautiful, funny and cool. Really enjoy your show and hope you guys have continued success with your careers and family.

  10. It was only recently that I discovered it was "moose" soup. I thought it was "loose" soup, like soup that's served very haphazardly, maybe there's no bowl and it's just in your hands like river water or tap water. Loose soup.

  11. I could tell right away that you lost a babies worth of weight TOM!!! Congratulations you two!!!

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