Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 445 w/ Wheeler Walker Jr.


  1. How to eat ass 101 man what an amz8ng breakdown off asslicking hahaha…
    Fucking wheeler about thebpoo pile said man that sounds like a great weekend…haha wheeler is legend

  2. Hi mommies, I've been planning a big ass eating session with my gal pal and I thought I would come to the experts to ask, is it bad if all my poops would fall into the "unhealthy" column? Thanks jeans

  3. Tom u need to react to that video of the kid who wrecks his car while recording himself singing. He lets out an amazing scream u would love it.

  4. Diarrhea is a symptom of constipation some times. There could be a large turd the intestines are squeezing the liquid out of, but cant push the solid chunk out. Just a tip jeans

  5. Mommy Tina’s twisted headphones cord makes me crazy. Love the podcast Mommies. Long live the Pussy King! ??

  6. Well I guess it's fuck sleep for a while!… I'll be eating pussy and kickin ass…. BIKES!

  7. Tom definitely eats ass.
    Serial killers and Psychopaths eat ass.
    I'm not gay but I'd let Tom eat my stinkhole.

  8. Please dont fight guys? I dont know how ye live and work together ?inspirational stuff.. loves ye dudes??

  9. No judgment but couldn’t HE be in charge of dealing with the dog diarrhea if you are at the end of your rope about it? Just a sincere question

  10. Has Wheeler made a song full of Your Mom's House podcast sound bite references yet?
    I reckon he should..

  11. The poo pile is as real as my jeans, and they’re riding high and tight every day mommy

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