Why PEDRO MORALES Feels Like WWE's Forgotten Champion

Why PEDRO MORALES Feels Like WWE’s Forgotten Champion

Former WWE champion Pedro Morales passed away last week. Solomonster pays respect to someone who feels like one of WWE’s forgotten champions, the records he set, the night an obsessed fan stabbed Blackjack Mulligan with a butcher knife and rumors that Morales pawned his World title belt while he was still champion.


  1. I knew he was a former WWE champion but I didn't realise he had a 3 year title reign and the first ever triple crown winner or grand slam champion. Amazing career.

  2. Pedro was good wrestler back in the day his time limit draw with Bruno was one best I read about when I started following wrestling when I was a kid. I'd have to say his feud with a young Don Muraco in early 80's were my favorite matches. But last year Bruno passed away now Pedro Thoughts and prayers are sent Godspeed on his family's recovery.

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