Why Kron Gracie's Back Attack Is Special | Monday Morning Analyst #469

Why Kron Gracie’s Back Attack Is Special | Monday Morning Analyst #469

On this edition of the Monday Morning Analyst, Luke Thomas breaks down and analyzes Kron Gracie’s rear-naked choke win at UFC Phoenix and Francis Ngannou’s controversial win over Cain Velasquez.


  1. I give luke Thomas a chance every year to see if he has improved, but damn, still soo cringe to listen to. He has good knowledge and understanding of fighting but his presentation is arrogant, condescending, pretentious, passive aggressive, douche bagful, ignorant, and just overall annoyingly cringe. Seriously stop prefacing every statement with another statement. Just say what you are thinking and try to sound natural, you come across as weird and insecure. I don't really care that you mispronounce names because that is the LEAST of your problems. I'll try again in a year

  2. This is a 12pm show. Luke was done by 1am Monday. How can he be so damn tired? He got at least 4hrs of sleep. And that's enough according to the USMC.

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