What does the UFC do with Cain Velasquez?

What does the UFC do with Cain Velasquez?

Chael Sonnen talks about what’s next for former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez after his KO loss to contender Francis Ngannou.


  1. Nothing to do. DC and Stipe will be well retired before Cain is ready to fight again. Leap year fighter Cain.

  2. I feel like your knowledge is biased and you try to sway your audience into your agenda. How do you make someone do something? Plant your own idea in someone's head and make them think it's theirs. Remember the "Colby deserves" videos? Well it doesn't ALWAYS work haha

  3. DC vs Brock
    Ngannou vs Stipe 2, winner fights for the title vs winner of DC vs Brock
    Cain vs Lewis or Blaydes

  4. Worst heavyweight division ever by far. Charles trying to promote guys now who’s 2nd option is backyard and Kimbo Slice.

  5. i've always wanted to see Cain vs Overeem and may be the right time for that

  6. The only thing creating the problem is DC vs Brock, why is brock getting the title shot, no one wants to see the brock fight, all its doing is holding up the division, DC just fight stipe ffs

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