UFC 235 Jones vs Smith, Fury vs Wilder Rematch In Trouble - BELOW THE BELT #121

UFC 235 Jones vs Smith, Fury vs Wilder Rematch In Trouble – BELOW THE BELT #121


Brendan breaks down/makes picks for UFC 235 Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith and recaps UFC Fight Night Santos vs Blachowicz and Bellator’s Gallagher vs Graham. Also, breaking MMA & boxing news, George St-Pierre’s retirement and legacy, Tyson Fury’s rematch with Deontay Wilder in jeopardy, Max Holloway vs Dustin Poirier 2 for an interim flyweight title, Stylebender vs Gastelum for an interim middleweight title, Brendan’s solution to the 155lb drama by adding 165 lb division and more. Also, Spider-man rental at Tiger’s birthday, 2019 Oscars, fan questions and much more.


  1. Shit I'm in Wisconsin we got 6 ft of snow 8 to 19ft of drifts !! 50 below 0 with wind chill!! Don't tell me about your 55 degree cold days in California!

  2. Seeing Brendan repeat the same thing while explaining the Spider-Man story makes me realize the CTE is kicking in

  3. This dude has a sick level of success if you think about it!… He played in the fuckin NFL…Thats Huge. He fought in The UFC. Is a professional and successful comedian. Has a hit podcast. He is successful as FUCK BRUH!..FEARLESS

  4. Wtf Schaub? You jumped off "your boy" Wilder's bandwagon awful quick, huh? This dude's such a fucking tool. He's never really had anything bad about Fury to say and has always said he was a fan but before their fight Brendan was all over Wilder's nuts. He had such a hard on for the dude and on multiple occasions even claimed they were personal friends and shit but now all of a sudden Fury is your favorite fighter?! Dammit Brendan, you fair weathered bitch..

  5. Schaub talking like he knows Brody Stephens for 20 years makes me wanna take my own life

  6. Brendan actually thinks Joshua the guy that has 3 Belts making 30 Million a fight in just 23 fights has made lots of mistakes.

    but Wilder a guy 40 fights deep has 1 belt and who's biggest payday is 4 Million has a smart team around him.

    Brendan just admits your a PBC shill mouthpiece for Al Haymon and Finkel.

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