Reverse De Le Riva Lockdown - Available now - Coach Firas Zahabi

Reverse De Le Riva Lockdown – Available now – Coach Firas Zahabi

Stop pressure passers in their tracks with coach Zahabi’s RDL Lockdown game. Not only will the RDL Lockdown stop others from smash passing you it will also protect you from leg locks. After teaching you how to deflect your opponent from smash passing and or leg locking you, coach Zahabi then goes into details about sweeping, creating elevation and flowing to your own leg-locks. In this instructional you will also be taught coach Zahabi’s “Game Over” position that leads to the most powerful and yet simplest leg lock finish in the game today. This instructional is suitable to those with a minimum of 6 month of BJJ experience. The some details and maneuverers require a adequate level of experience to both comprehend and execute. So wether you are a blue belt or a black belt this video will greatly improve you game!


  1. Now available for direct download at be sure to use promo code "JIUJITSU-JUNE" and get 5$ off!

    Also for those who bought the instruction please post any question you have on the RDR Lockdown below. I will be making free follow up videos for those who bought the instructional. To receive these extra videos please be sure to sign up to the the news letter.

  2. Great video. Can I ask when the pure BJJ series is returning? I absolutely love that.

  3. Hi Firas, I’m sure this is a very noob question but is this position sports jiujitsu specific or is it ok to use with striking involved?

  4. Thank you for providing this service for a very cheap price, i purchased this immediately. I do have the question if this is MMA/self defence applicable meaning can i be punched in the face while in this position.

  5. Excellent little video!
    Dang it…. I gotta get to Tristar. My main goal is to save enough money for a 6 month stay at the Tristar dorms. My spirit, of all things, need it the most…

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