Joe Rogan Experience #1253 - Ioan Grillo

Joe Rogan Experience #1253 – Ioan Grillo

Ioan Grillo is journalist who has spent the last 18 years reporting on the drug war in Mexico. His books “El Narco: Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency” and “Gangster Warlords” are available now.


  1. When he is talking about how cartels prey on kids and can tell who will be able to kill… they are not only preying on the vulnerable but also uneducated. These children, lacking quality education, are even more vulnerable because of it. Education is so important.

  2. You have to do a test to get a gun license in Australia, and you need to have a reason to own a gun.
    Then you need to have a mounted regulation safe for your gun, with a separate place for ammunition.
    I had a gun license for hunting at 18, no worries. but i couldnt buy a .50cal because we arent fucking morons…

  3. Joe please have John Corriea on your podcast…. if you guys want to see some real self defense videos from all around the world look up ASP!

  4. Highlights! @

    Great post. Human trafficking is hitting headlines this year in previously 'bought' news media outlets like abc nbc cbs fox, etc. all who are great at not paying taxes and feeding the populous bs. The Alliance is winning. Down with the Cabal. Keep 2 weeks worth of food and water in your home this year, just for the possible downtime of the switch.

    If Full disclosure happened. all these problems would be solved. We would all be given remarkable technology that already exists under our noses. Censored literal devices and patents by our own government.
    This Saturday, March 2 is global CE5. from 9p-12a. Get ready to light up the sky. This is most people's chance to show support for the Alliance who is fighting and working for you, like your the cast, they're the crew.

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