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Georges St-Pierre (GSP): The Best to Ever Do It

Georges St-Pierre (GSP) retired on Thursday in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In my judgement, he’s not merely the best fighter ever in mixed martial arts (MMA) history, but had one of the best-executed professional careers we’ve ever seen. From his debut to ascension to reign to sabbatical to return to retirement, no one has ever done it quite like GSP.

Winning UFC titles in the welterweight and middleweight division in the champ champ era was important, but so is having the most title defenses ever. He’s done both, both accomplishments each of their own era. There were never scandals around his name, no run-ins with anti-doping authorities, nothing. While he butted heads with UFC President Dana White, he always did right by the sport. He is the greatest of all time.


  1. You can tell all the fanboys below hating on GSP. You morons don't even understand what MMA is. It is fanboys, or idiots who should be watching boxing because they don't have any clue about how important ground game is in a real fight. They are morons.
    GSP is the GOAT. period.

  2. GSP is Goat Status, anyone who argues the fact that hes not in the conversation doesn't understand the sport.
    Nothing personal but if were keeping it real, thats what it is.

  3. Retirement is something natural. There shuld be not much fuss over his retirement. In fact, Gsp's last effort to fight Khabib is not something to be heralded as he turns to be a cherry picker. Khabib is 3 classes below him as his last fight was at 185 vs Bisping.

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