83 Weeks #36 - Starrcade 1995

83 Weeks #36 – Starrcade 1995

On this week’s 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson, Starrcade ’95 and WCW vs. NJPW and The World Cup Of Wrestling is on the menu! Hear all about the WCW and New Japan relationship, how this card was set up, how much politics were involved in the match results, and what did Eric hope to accomplish? Hear all about Eric’s thoughts on Jushin Liger and his match with Chris Benoit, Lex Luger vs. Masahiro Chono, and the Triangle Match between Ric Flair, Sting, and Randy Savage for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Also, where was Hulk Hogan? All this plus talk about DDP, The American Males, the Blue Bloods, Alex Wright, Johnny B. Badd, Masa Saito, Sonny Onoo, Eddie Guerrero, Tenzan, Kensuke Sasaki, One Man Gang, how Eric felt about Monday Nitro at this point in its existence, and so much more!