WWE Considering First Ever QUEEN OF THE RING Tournament?

Reports suggest WWE is considering a Queen of the Ring tournament for 2019. Solomonster explains how he would work it and who would be a good choice to take the crown.


  1. They shouldn't call up shaynas friends in 2019 when there has been people there on nxt longer than them just for a four horsewomans vs four horsewomans match

  2. Nothing was wrong with the last 2 king of the ring tournaments except for maybe it was boring

  3. I hope it happen,i want to see Becky lynch will be the first ever queen of the ring. She can do a heel promo just like stone cold did at 1996 ring of the king. I don't mind for Shayna basyzler to win it,too. That can setup a four women vs four women at wwe evolution, finally Shayna basyzler vs Becky lynch feud on raw.

  4. I dont care for this simply because we get so many tournaments and battle royals on WWE programming as it is. So you're telling me we're getting yet ANOTHER tournament where the winner gets a women's title shot? doesn't sound like anything exciting. How about a women's tournament where the winner gets a title shot of the WORLD CHAMPION of their brand? Yes, the first ever WWE intergender world-title match, as I think Chyna didn't even get have that honor. I know its not possible, due to their sponsors not liking man-on-woman violence, but it would make sense seeing how they love to promote their women doing all these "first" type matches.

  5. The Queen of the Ring sounds like one of those ideas where it seems like a good idea paper But won't really work out in execution

  6. Solomonster should really be head of the booking team cuz the Ideas he comes up with are better than the shit we see on Tv

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