As we build towards WrestleMania 19 the roster has never been more stacked but was Goldberg supposed to wrestle the Rock at WrestleMania? Was Bischoff supposed to wrestle McMahon? Was Austin supposed to wrestle Hogan? Why wasn’t Scott Steiner on the card?

Was Austin-HHH considered? We address all of the rumor and innuendo for Mania plus the Tough Enough incident with Bob Holly, moving SmackDown to Fox, the lawsuit regarding Owen, how Johnny Ace rose to power, the crazy story of Nathan Jones, Heyman and Gerwitz fighting, Wrestler’s Court being mentioned by WWE, why Raven didn’t make it, how Blackman’s career ended, what really happened with D’Lo, the WWE-ESPN relationship, Hogan angling for the Austin match and how he shot himself in the foot, the very strange relationship with Girls Gone Wild, breaking cinder blocks over an announcer’s head, the full story on signing the wrong one-legged wrestler, the “haircut” issue Undertaker and others hated, Goldust being electrocuted, Edge’s surgery, Heyman losing power, the way Keller described Prichard, Brother Love’s last WWE appearance until this year, how to make it clear Rock was a heel for the rematch with Hogan, the real life heat with Bischoff and Austin, and the first time we saw Matt Hardy’s “condition” before he was broken in nearly three hours of the WWE in 2003 comes your way for NO WAY OUT 2003!

The WWF has struck gold with Mike Tyson agreeing to participate in WrestleMania to the point that the New York Daily News had a headline that read, “Vince Revels as King for a Day!” Business is up and the public attention in WrestleMania is hotter than ever.

In the middle of all this Mike Tyson has a very public split from long time promoter Don King and many think the WWF deal was the “final straw.” We dig into that full story, Vince hilariously coaching Tyson in front of reporters at the press conference, how they handled Cold Stone, plus we discuss the relationship off camera with Mero and Sable, Goldust as Marilyn Manson, the NWA in the WWF, how many buys Tyson needed to add for the WWF to be profitable, where the money for such appearances was earmarked within the company, Shawn Michaels “jacking off” weanies on TV, when Crash Holly got his try-out, how Hunter won and lost a title without wrestling, ribbing Hunter’s nose, Butterbean’s plan for WrestleMania 98, TCI Cable threatening to not carry WrestleMania and their hilarious reasoning as to why, how Shawn Michaels pulling out of shows ruined Owen Hart’s chances to get credit for new records at the gate, Ahmed collapsing on air plane and what the company thought of that, Bradshaw’s rising star as a singles performer, Barry Windham in 98, whether or not Vince ever tried to get the Rock N Roll Express to come over in the 80s, how Vince chose press conference locations, Undertaker’s relationship with his dad, the famous “dumpster off the stage” scene from RAW,

the Jackyl character, why Meltzer hated Sable, how the WWF did the “wrestler comes up from under the ring” skits for Undertaker and others, what Shawn’s doctor said about his injuries and when, how everyone felt about Shawn being injured again, when did plans for the PPV change, who was discussed as replacement, why the light heavyweight division never took off, why Brian Christopher didn’t become a bigger star, Lawler’s relationship with his kids, the AOL-WWF relationship, why the Quebecers were even around, Lawler’s line about Clinton, the Rock’s interview that became an internet legend, when plans for Mania 17 in Houston started, Austin’s reaction this night, the way merch was flying off the shelves, the original card advertised locally, who campaigned for Savio Vega, why Tyson wasn’t there, “what if” Vince had went with Bret instead of Shawn?

“Ohhhhhh yessssss!” we’ve got everything you could ever want to know about the Phenom, the Undertaker from 1995, 1996, and 1997! “REST IN PEACE” that we cover why the “druids” were with Undertaker, how Undertaker handled autograph signings in the mid 90s, how the WWF almost did Baywatch, an incredible never-before-heard story about what Vince wanted to do to create controversy at NAPTE in 95, how Vince tried to piggyback the Super Bowl, why King Kong Bundy was chosen for Taker at 11, whether or not Ventura almost came back and why it didn’t happen, Steve McMichael almost wrestling here rather than WCW,

why Vince didn’t sign the Fridge, the most random SMW tag match ever, an incredible story about Doot Doot Doot getting hired in the WWF, what Missy was considered for during this era and why it didn’t happen, who was offered to crown the King of the Ring and you won’t believe it, who Vince wanted to do a guest spot on In Your House is maybe the craziest story of the week, Undertaker’s first pinfall loss since Hogan years prior being to MABEL, the television rights deal with USA with specific numbers discussed will shock you, who Vince tried to leverage USA against for more money, more about the WWF blimp, whether or not the NBA actually blocked the WWF coming back to NBC, shooting the opening for RAW upsetting the locals in Stamford, ESPN working with the WWF back in 95, why Tatanka was fired will shock you, why the WWF ran a poll for whether or not OJ was guilty on TV (yes, that happened!), Bill Watts and his brief run in the WWF, a story even Bruce doesn’t want to tell about JJ Dillon, so much good stuff about Lisa Wolf, the heat on Mabel for hurting guys, how Taker handled the broken orbital bone, why Brother Love was back in 95, the ECW talent was heavily considered in 95 is not the name you expect, revisit the feuds with Diesel, Goldust,

and Mankind, how chokeslamming Sable came about, Bruce’s thought’s on Live Wire, why Undertaker started doing planchas and what he called them, more details than you ever imagined on a Buried Alive match, how Gordy was brought in and why it didn’t last, the 1996 Hall of Fame banquet, how Bruce describes Undertaker’s look at Survivor Series, why Cornette thought Bruce was ribbing him in an Undertaker skit, the great Final Four match, the 1996 Slammys, why Vince looked to the Undertaker for Mania 13, did shit Sid himself, the first fireball in WWF TV history, why New Jersey got TV and PPV again in 1997, how Taker handled the Vader incident in Kuwait, why Meltzer thought Papa Shango was coming back, John Tesh’s crazy contract rider, Yokozuna’s weight loss, Sid collapsing backstage, why Taker needed to lose the belt at SummerSlam, the crazy chair shots in August, was Kane supposed to debut in September, why the company decided to stop doing One Night Only type shows, where does Bruce rank the first Hell in a Cell, why Taker wasn’t on Survivor Series 1997, blood pressure issues, the BSK, grey to purple gloves, the dangers of the tombstone, Undertaker’s tattoos, the Curtain Call, Wrestler’s Court, why body bags went away, and much more in one of our longest episodes ever!

WWE still refers to our topic today as, “the most watched wrestling program in American TV history.” February 5, 1988, was the first time pro-wrestling had been on network TV since 1955 and 33 million viewers tuned into NBC to see the biggest rematch in history: Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant for the WWF World Championship.

The largest audience in wrestling history was in for a treat: “How can there be two Dave Hebners?” Bruce breaks down arguably the best angle in WWF history and it was so good Meltzer even wrote, “Everything worked so well it was scary.” We break down everything from that night and the weeks leading up to it. How did the WWF negotiate to get a slot during prime time, when was the decision made to switch the title, how did word leak out, how were tickets selling for WrestleMania IV relative to III, why did this show happen in Indianapolis, what was Ebersol’s involvement since he wasn’t with NBC at the time, who put together the graphics and backdrops, who produced the promos for the show, when and where were those shot, why didn’t the main event close the show, what was different between Saturday Night’s Main Event and the Main Event, whose idea was Peggy Sue, when was it decided that Honky wouldn’t drop the IC title, who bought thousands of tickets to WrestleMania, the new World Title, who gets the credit for the evil twin idea, why there were empty seats in the arena, who the director was, who shot the Hulk Hogan training montage and why they used Jake Robert’s theme, and much more about the biggest show in WWF history!

“I LOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUU!” returned to Monday Night RAW and we hear details about Bruce’s experience at #RAW25. Did he see Vince? What did Stephanie say to him? What does this mean for the podcast?And of course then it’s time for the story behind the very first Royal Rumble. Why did it ever happen to being with? Who sort of deserves the credit besides Pat Patterson? How was Dick Ebersol involved in a USA show? Why was it on USA anyway?

What other names were considered? What sort of walk through was done that day? What is Pat’s idea for creating a legacy for the event? Why 20 men the first time? Why Duggan? What did Vince think of the concept? Who helped convince Vince? What did the house show versions look like and how were they received? What was deleted from the Dino Bravo weightlifting skit? How much ribbing happened after that skit? What did they learn about in-ring contract signings after this event? Was this the first of it’s kind in WWF history? PLUS watch the actual Rumble match along with us!Ask your questions for the “2-5-88 Main Event”

STONE COLD! STONE COLD! It is one of the best pay per views of all time, at a time where the WWF was at the very top of it’s game. Seemingly reeling from the departure of top stars and being “out gunned” by the star power of rival WCW, the WWF emphasized the talent they had on hand: Steve Austin, HBK, Undertaker, Mick Foley and more..

And the wrestling world was never the same. Hear all about this pivotal event, as well Mike Tyson, HBK’s infamous farewell tour, Chainsaw Charlie and all things 1998 WWF on this episode of Something to Wrestle with ….. Bruce Prichard.Ask your questions for the “1988 Royal Rumble”

The Rockers have to be the most interesting story of a tag team in the history of WWE! We cover their starts in the business individually, who put Marty and Shawn in the car together for the first time, who they learned from individually, who they wrestled in their first tag match, how they got to the AWA for their first big break,

a hilarious casino story that sets the tone for their careers, Gagne’s suggestions for them, the inspiration for their name, who they tried to emulate, the ribs the Rockers pulled in the AWA, how the partying stories about the Rockers grew, who pushed for them to come in, who Marty had a relationship with, how they left the AWA, what happened a month before that possibly changed everything, what an agent said to them on their first day, what really happened at the bar on their first night in, what Vince said the next day, how they were fired, the infamous “boots” comment from Vince, how Shawn got them ran out of Continental so quickly, how the legend of their WWF firing grew, who turned them heel which gave them another chance, how they got back in and out of the AWA, who pushed to bring them back, which of the boys told them how to fix their heat, what warning Vince gave them before they started back, who they had to win over in the locker room, a year long rib, who wouldn’t sell for the Rockers, who Shawn says helped the Rockers earn their “degree” in being a tag team, the night before their first WrestleMania, how much they made their first year in the WWF,

Iron Man tag matches, the crazy promo with Warrior and athletic tape before Survivor Series 89, who the Rockers got a good match out of that really caught the office’s attention, Shawn’s motorcycle accident, the broken rope story with the Hart Foundation that changed everything, did Bret politic to keep the tag titles, the entire Chuck Austin story including who paid what, what wrestler demonstrated the move in court, who testified against Vince here too, the famous hotel fight that Roddy Piper witnessed, how Savage kept everyone out of jail, how Vince tried to fix it the next day, what led to the Rockers wanting to quit, the offer from WCW, how Shawn tried to play “damage control” with Vince, and the fall out that followed. Then we move on to the break up angle, who had the idea to use the glass, the “he said, he said” that led to a fractured relationship for years. Marty’s firings,

hirings, whether or not Shawn buried Marty to Vince after their Rumble match, who pushed for him to have those second changes, the arrests, the New Rockers, and how Shawn got Marty to give his new found faith a shot. We answer your questions and of course address the controversial Facebook post from last year.Plus side bars about Vince speaking carny, working babyface, the wrestler handshake, the definition of psychology, why so many were influenced by Flair, how Shawn would have done in JCP, the Southwest territory, the “boss” being out of touch, why some guys were never able to break out of the “enhancement talent” title, Bruce burying an “old timer” he only met one time, Terry Garvin — who we never discuss, the importance of the ESPN TV contract, the influence of Dynamite Kid and Tiger Mask matches, what precautions were taken after the Austin injury, the WWF-SWS relationship, house show title changes, Shawn’s indy fed, and the “greatest tag teams in history” debate.Ask your questions for the “1998 Royal Rumble”

Join Bruce and Conrad for a once in a lifetime behind the scenes look at the creation of and the early days of “The longest running episodic program in television history”. Bruce was there on the front lines and has all the stories you did not even know existed and all the answers to the questions You have always had regarding your favorite television show RAW On this fascinating episode of Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard …

Bruce Prichard.Ask your questions for the “The Rockers” episode plus wake up with the Morning Deuce with Bruce

Who could forget the night Chris Jericho beat the Rock and “Stone Cold” in the same night? Bruce and Conrad discuss that fateful night and the entire build up to get there including the end of the “Invasion” angle, the Rock-Austin politics, bringing Ric Flair back, the hilarious story about Vince’s reaction on TV to Flair being his partner,

bringing Jerry Lawler back, the rumors that Bruce slept with Stephanie, the allegations that the WWF artificially inflated the price of their stock, why Vince decided Jericho was the guy, how the nWo coming in made it all possible, losing DirecTV for PPVs, Taker and Austin switching roles, the Kiss My Ass Club, why Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch never made it, A Train as a trainer, who hated the U2 video for HHH’s recovery, why Trish’s love interest with Jeff Hardy was dropped, why Vince scrapped the Hardy feud so quickly, what Test never recovered from, why RVD didn’t become “the guy” in 2001, how the American Badass version of Taker came to be, who loved brass knuckles, Regal in-ring versus commissioner, who was a mentor to Trish, why Bruce thought Angle was green, how Vince sold Austin on losing,

the Rock/Jericho relationship, why Rock won the WCW Title, why Vince wanted to combine them in the first place, Bruce’s pitch for WrestleMania 18 that was shot down, Jericho’s celebration after winning the title, why Booker T never had a PPV match with Austin, and all of your questions just made The List! It’s over two hours of Jericho, drink it in man!Ask your questions for the “Creation of Monday Night RAW” plus wake up with the Morning Deuce with Bruce

The Two-Time Podcast of the Year is back with one of the most controversial characters in wrestling history, Goldust! Did Dusty politic to use Dustin in 1990? What did Vince say when Dustin asked for his release in 1991? What was Bruce and Pat’s idea for Dustin in 1993? Who kept Dustin from being a main eventer in 93? How did the signing in 95 happen? You won’t believe the influences for Goldust. How did the character come together?

Who put the initial vignettes together? What made the character click for Dustin? Which wrestler deserves the credit for that? What did Dustin hate about the character? Which part of the gimmick was he uncomfortable with? Did anyone smarten up Dusty? Why did Dusty and Dustin have a falling out? How did the WWE handle the activist groups? Within the company, who had a problem with the gimmick? Why was Marlena introduced? Was there heat on Lawler for using a slur on TV? How the Backlot Brawl was put together at WrestleMania, who thought of the lingerie, working with the Ultimate Warrior, working with Ahmed, winning the IC title, working main events with Shawn Michaels on the house shows but never on PPV, why the character started to cool off, why Goldust became a babyface, his only PPV main event, how the Pillman feud probably went a little too far, the “shoot” interviews with JR, real life problems with Terri, the reunion with Dusty, the over the top stuff with Luna, what he did to make Vince threaten to fire him, what led to his release,

his Seven character in WCW, how he was brought back, his struggles with addiction, why he was gone again, which writer pushed for him to be brought back in, how the Booker T pairing came to be, what they were careful to do with the stuttering gimmick, and his legacy in the business with a character that has endured for more than 22 years. One thing is for sure, after five hours you’ll never forget the name… GOLDUST!Ask your questions for Vengeance 2001 plus wake up with the Morning Deuce with Bruce