Forget 50-men in Jeddah, you have decided that the “greatest” Royal Rumble was from 1992 and today Bruce Prichard & Conrad Thompson are gonna talk about it. Read More →

From an untrained enhancement talent to the main event at Madison Square Garden against Hulk Hogan in under three years, nobody has a story like Ray Traylor!Read More →

Is WrestleMania 19 the most underrated WrestleMania of all time? It’s Brock’s first WrestleMania and he’s in the main event for the World Title. It’s Steve Austin’s last WrestleMania and the finale of the Austin-Rock trilogy…Read More →

“The Heartbreak Kid” has been in singles action for about a year and as we start 1993, he’s the Intercontinental Champion who just headlined a Pay Per View for the World Title…Read More →

As we build towards WrestleMania 19 the roster has never been more stacked but was Goldberg supposed to wrestle the Rock at WrestleMania? Was Bischoff supposed to wrestle McMahon? Was Austin supposed to wrestle Hogan? Why wasn’t Scott Steiner on the card?…Read More →