Israel Adesanya: Let Kelvin Gastelum and I fight for the belt


  1. You guys in the comments are so salty lmaooo. If you guys wanna watch boring ass fighters who don't talk shit watch the prelims on espn or watch fight nights you fucking grampas. Saying this guy doesn't respect the sport but actually performs and works his ass off compared to yall who sit on the couch and watch. If we want the sport to become more popular we need more people like this. Mainstream people don't want honor and respect they want entertainment. And this guy, conor mcgregor, etc are entertaining. Loosen up and have some fun.

  2. I'll give the nod to Kelvin. Man has a head of granite and when he lands people go to sleep…….And he will land

  3. Stop bringing up Weidman's name that guy has gone soft since he had a kid. Weidman's a walking punching bag. 😎

  4. Ariel doesn't miss an opportunity to make a fighter upset with Dana lol

  5. I mean, I know they won't do this, but Israel should fight someone else before getting a shot. He hasn't shown himself to be the top contender by any means. He should fight the Yoel V Costa winner.

  6. 16:19 "I want to take out the juice monkey, as well, before he takes himself out the game" that's harsh lmao … best line of the interview

  7. Fuck KG. He’s beat a bunch of washed up fighters for a title shot after missing weight 50 times at WW because he’s not disciplined enough to manage his weight (not even a full cut) and lost to Chris who is real top 10 guy. I guess he beat Jacare. They are going to let Rob destroy KG and feed him to Yoel just so they can send his short fat ass back to WW where he belongs then he can get destroyed there and bounced out of the UFC. I liked KG until he pullled that “I’m the champ” bullshit.

  8. Disrespectful as fuck. Bobby Knuckles would eat this dude.

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