King and the Sting w/ Theo Von & Brendan Schaub #4


  1. The rest of us are going to really fuckin party. Ya Feel Me?.

  2. Obviously every guy in Hollywood wears female capri pants…
    Wtf is their problem? Men dont need to show ankle to be stylish.
    Half a fag the both of you's!!

  3. Theo: “Wow u just follow whatever I do” picks up drink
    Brenda: “nah fuck ya”
    picks up drink

    LMAO point proven

  4. Theo von looks like he a had threesome with ellen degeneres and her girlfriend. Brendan just looks like brendan.

  5. Theo looks like a baby with a poop in his diaper lmao love the outfit camera.

  6. Snaub talkin about how his chain could buy Theo’s mom trailer… FUCK! 😳😢

  7. According to my calculations, the so-called 'King and the Sting' podcast has decreased by an average of 8 minutes per episode. Following this pattern, it may only take 6.25 episodes for the length to decrease to 0 minutes, making the beloved 'King and the Sting' podcast dead. #RIPKATS

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