Henry Cejudo Says He’d Kick John Cena’s Ass For Nikki Bella’s Love!!


  1. Wrestling on the first date of course ! so he could feel her body !!!

  2. It's clear people that think the wwe guy would win have never sparred professionally in their lives. He has a good chance better than the average joe. But Henry would put him to sleep 9/10 times it would be something scary to watch, to see how a small trained fighter can do to a big guy

  3. He’d rip you in half little man let’s be real Henry weighs no more the 60kg and is 5’4 John cena weighs close to 200kg and is 6 1/2 feet tall I’m putting my money on cena even with henry’s ufc background the bloke is the size of most females and weighs about as much

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