Henry Cejudo Says He'd Kick John Cena's Ass For Nikki Bella's Love!!

Henry Cejudo Says He’d Kick John Cena’s Ass For Nikki Bella’s Love!!

Henry Cejudo is SO crazy about Nikki Bella … he’s telling TMZ Sports he’d straight-up kick John Cena’s ass in a ladder match to win her love!!!!


  1. Wrestling on the first date of course ! so he could feel her body !!!

  2. It's clear people that think the wwe guy would win have never sparred professionally in their lives. He has a good chance better than the average joe. But Henry would put him to sleep 9/10 times it would be something scary to watch, to see how a small trained fighter can do to a big guy

  3. He’d rip you in half little man let’s be real Henry weighs no more the 60kg and is 5’4 John cena weighs close to 200kg and is 6 1/2 feet tall I’m putting my money on cena even with henry’s ufc background the bloke is the size of most females and weighs about as much

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