Brian Ortega Getting Broken Nose Fixed After UFC 231 Loss, Rematch With Holloway?


  1. Ortega is ok. Always there. Very reliable… And like most Taco Shells🌮🌯 you can find at the supermarket, just doesn't add up to the good stuff😔👀

  2. Still want him to move up to 155 so he can challenge Khabib

  3. >Fuck this shiiiiiitt I want to see Ferguson x Khabib ,,,,, Blood, that's what I want to see again! 
    >But of course! , 
    >All my respect to Brian Ortega he could make using BJJ, fuck that im Brazilian, and I am only blue belt for 10 years because I have no discipline! >But doesn't mean I don't have the technic, Brian my brother you're the best UFC BJJ fighter at the "MOMENT" no doubt about it! 
    >That was a strategy mistake, sorry about your team bro! 
    > Fuck you Conors and Khabib fans!!!!!! I like the turtle maniac much more. WHY? because he doesn't give a shitttttt , is obvious that khabib is scared ,, he's a fucking chicken too, I can see he's not one of us! BJJ dies for it!! don't you guys see he's afraid of Crazy Ferguson? cheers LA city much love from Brazil! I LOVE MMA>>>

  4. I love Ortega but he was outmatched by Holloway! Btw I dropped a video on Cerrone vs McGregor if anyone wants to watch a breakdown!

  5. Why would u move up just because u lost to the champion you should improve so if u get another shot you can win and not get your face rearranged like holloway rearranged ortegas

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