Braun Strowman FORGETS HIS LINES On Monday Night Raw?

Braun Strowman had a bad night last Monday on Raw with Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar, well… he had a typical Brock Lesnar night and didn’t do much. Is this supposed to get people excited for the Universal title match at the Royal Rumble?


  1. Maybe Braun can get tossed out by Shaq in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal because I won't take Strowman seriously in any legitimate role at the event

  2. strowman turned into ryback
    the momentum he had 2017-18, before the lost to brock, turning heel and this promo
    its a shame he could of been the face of the wwe

  3. The scripted promos, and the micromanaging of everything has turned pro wrestlers into glorified stunt actors. Pro wrestling has became a bad variety show all the way though. Not just WWE, but every company. Pro wrestling doesn't exist anymore, period. All we have left is "Sports Entertainment" and it's the drizzling shits.

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