Advice and tips on sleep for MMA practitioners


  1. Haha professor! I have always slept on my side with a pillow between the legs. It just doesnt feel right or comfortable if you dont. I also have a small blanket I bundle up that I put my arms around. This just got sent to me as I was getting ready to nap right now.

  2. High school student here… I come from training at 24:00 and then I have to eat, stretch and do a shower, plus some time I waste being a shapeless mass of stress, I sleep at 2:00 pretty consistently. Then I wake up at 7:00. On the days I dont have school I sleep for upwards of 12 hours, man what should I do!

  3. Sleeping in a warm environment is not good. You enter deeper sleep in a cooler environment.

  4. Same here coach! Some people say to sleep very cool but then I feel like garbage. I am a lizard I think.

  5. usually a cold, cold shower in the morning gets all those crybaby bitch feelings out of you

  6. Im digging this. So this is like your radio show? Pretty interesting. Would listen to on the real radio. You have my subscription.

  7. I train from 5-8:30 almost 9pm. Then go to work 10pm-6am. I don’t get home til about 6:30. I eat something before bed, wait about half an hour before I lay down. I lay down at about 7:30 then fall asleep at about 8am close to 8:30am. And wake up at 2:30-3pm. Tired as ever and miserable. My work schedules constantly change as well from day to night shifts. Any advice? I try to eat as clean as possible but my sleeping is fucked. Sometimes I’m so tired it makes me unmotivated to go train. Then my training partners give me crap about not being consistent.

  8. Coach, your brain needs to drop several degrees in temperature for you to fall asleep! Sleeping in colder temperatures allows for you fall asleep more quickly, and for a deeper sleep as well!

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