Danny Brown Has An Orgasm Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Detroit rapper Danny Brown is one of the most requested guests by Hot Ones fans. And guess what? You guys were onto something. The energetic MC is a hilarious, highly combustible match for the wings of death. In between painful fits of laughter, he manages to share some top-shelf anecdotes about the Gathering of the Juggalos, 50 Cent’s fashion tips, and his beloved cats.

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  1. one of my favorite things about this show more than any other interview shows is that they introduce me to more people i've never known about before and this is just another guy i instantly love

  2. Never heard his music before but he's funny as fuck plus he's cool with gunit AND he loves joey diaz. Funny episode

  3. Please supper hip hop and Danny brown he a real one☝🏼 cool ranch Doritos and stank pussy

  4. i want to spend every night at home or a friends home no parties no clubs plz k thxs

    id do bars but im cheap and harris teeter has much better beer prices

  5. He was taking way bigger side bites then most guests. Get him back for round 2 since he got his grill fixed.

  6. Broooo the first one I thought of was "stank pussy smellin like cool ranch doritos"!!! Thank you for asking about that cause ive been wondering since that dropped if he likes those or not

  7. Danny Brown is one of my favorite people he’s off probably 10 acid tabs and a lil Molly

  8. BY FAR, this is one of my favorite episodes (second only to Joey Diaz). His laughter and silliness is infectious!!!

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