1962 Chevy Bel Air “Sanity” – Jay Leno’s Garage


  1. That front end looks damn nice. The custom grille looks awesome and the changes to the bumper really make it all look great. I'm not a huge fan of the tail lights though. I also got a kick out of seeing the custom dash. The cursive writing has a great, unique look. I'm not a huge fan of that kind of red but the color on the bumpers, grille, and wheels mesh with it so the colors fit together.

  2. Not a fan of that style at all. He took a car and turned it into an ugly plasticky look in whatnot.

  3. I like the rim style, but they are way too big. not a fan of low profile tires, makes the ride quality suck. Put some more beefy tires on it, this car is a cruiser not a ricer.

  4. Very Interesting. Looks Like a modern interpretation of the old Bel Air from 1962, but made from a 1962 Bel Air. 1956-57 are still my favorite years of the Bel Air though.

  5. "Sometimes as a creative guy you gotta be honest with yourself Jay, if it looks like crap: it looks like crap"

  6. TRULY an UGLY grill and front end, SORRY BUT TRUE!

  7. Below better integrate ggrkwt increasingly northwest characteristic just frustration.

  8. Why get ride of the chrome, thats what this time period was about.

  9. I can't believe all you grown men criticizing how another man dresses.. Who gives a damn what he's wearing.

  10. I might get roasted for ish talking. This guy sounds like a Richard GM that got money to make any car. But doesn't have that hands on work. Jay asked him if he had any sketch finish and made this big story basically a no.

  11. What a bunch of broke haters.
    This car is stunning and original.

  12. The gray accent make it look like a cartoon. The interior looks feminine. Should be a mans car not a car for your sister.

  13. Of course it's prestige nice and it will give most cars a run for the money.

  14. Gosh, what an ugly car, gaudy as all hell, everything looks plastic, it's just looks like a Barbie car. Might as well have left it original. He ruined that poor car.

  15. Ughhhhhh! Wish we could give this guy a ticket for Bad customizing! Ughhhhhh! Fugly!

  16. I appreciate the artistic work and time that was put in I had a 63 impala 2dr 283 the Biscayne and bel air we're thought of less but now they are more rare than a impala today . I think he said it was for his daughter ??? If so I can justify the interior but man it's hard to look at with that color looks cool for a min or two great work color kills and takes away from the car like a pretty women in ugly glasses Red Mufflers ?????…Ew

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