You’re Welcome podcast – Where Are All the Tough Guys? (full episode)

The UFC 230 main event has been a mystery with Chael Sonnen predicting see Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson as the headliner. Many fans including Joe Rogan were surprised to hear Valentina Shevchenko vs. Sijara Eubanks would headline the card. Chael weighs in on this turn of events on his You’re Welcome podcast.


  1. I’ll offer you this one thing Chael …. the fans may not know what we want but I’ll tell you what we didn’t want… and that’s Shevchenko (no matter how good she is) fighting in the main event at MSG.

  2. I usually always agree with you buddy but come on, for the headliner of the Madison Square Garden card should be phenomenal. So many big names could replace that slot, not saying that Valentina shevchenko is not a great fighter but there's definitely better money to be made and I think people are just beyond underwhelmed. You should have seen Rogan's face when he found out who was on the card yesterday! He didn't even know the opponent she was fighting.

  3. gustaffson a pussy, didnt wanna fight Anthonthy Smith but was quick to jump on the JOnes fight, fucken too many pussies in the game Chael, you right

  4. Chael can you find out who was called and who rejected MSG so we can actually participate in this

  5. chael trying to sell bullet vs some girl who is 3-2 as a good fight is bad, man you know better. diaz and dustin is a better main event than that.

  6. I wish there was another Chael Sonnen to speculate on Chaels next fight with Fedor.

  7. I was gonna fight jon jones.. but i had to get some stuff first.. so he got lucky..

  8. 2 of the biggest unanswered questions in mankind history.Just how good is Conor Mcgregor? And Where does kevin lee fit into all this?

  9. UFC 230 main event announcement:
    Reporter 1: "….. Is this a joke?"
    Dana: " Ha ha ha, no."
    Reporter 2: "….no, really, is this a joke?"

  10. Chael is a god damn genius! Funny as fuck as well, I swear hes been getting fighters names wrong on purpose for a while now. Pimp move for the laugh! Love you chael

  11. TMZ posts false and unsaid headings for their videos that are not even spoken by the person involved in the video. Like if you have also noticed that

  12. Conor Mcgregor: Mur mur mur mur
    Chael Sonnen: Thats the greatest thing since sliced bread

  13. Tomorrow he will make a video in the sauna
    And after that during competing in a MMA fight

  14. Darren Till vs Israel "The Stylebender" Adesanya I got Izzy all day he going to expose Brunson aswel

  15. *pauses.. sits back and licks lips*… " But where does Kevin Lee fit into all of this?…"

  16. Gonna have to go back to the salon soon Chael, take us with you!

  17. All the Tough guys live in the streets of West Linn

  18. Now we have been blessed with full podcast video version Chael. This has to be the final , most powerful form!

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