Triple H Reveals Why The UK Has NOT Hosted A WrestleMania


    Triple H: "NXT is started to get big in the U.K. I think we should have a Wrestlemania in the Wembley Stadium."
    Vince McMahon: "There is no chance in hell we are going to have a Wrestlemania in that stadium! The last time we had a show in there, the buyrates were crap!"
    Triple H: "That was 26 years ago! Besides, ticket sales were great!"
    Vince McMahon: "I would rather have Wrestlemania inside The Shining Jewel than to even have it at Wembley Stadium!"

  2. My only issue with Wrestlemania being here in the UK is the weather, you can't guarantee what the weather is going to be like in late March- early April in the UK

  3. Why can't it be a bit of both? While I absolutely agree that a high enough bid could probably make anything happen, it also seems likely that due to the time zone issue and other assorted logistical headaches, any market outside of North America is likely to start the bidding process at a disadvantage. Wrestlemania does great business wherever they hold it They have no real incentive to go somewhere that requires extra work and expense on their part.

  4. Yeah London would actually have to bid to bring a Wrestlemania in. And as big as wrestling is there (well it has a large fanbase I still dont think you could strike a random convo about it in a pub) and as major a city as London is, the Mayor's office is not about set aside resources and money for promoting it just off perception. They cant control all the different venues to agree on a 4 day event.. I mean they do a lot of promotion for the 4 NFL Games in London per year but Wrestling still has this stigma with casuals. The UK has a lot of fandoms of niche cultural stuff imported from outside but Wrestling is no different to stand out

  5. You guys all saying dumb shit like “ughhh but Dey just had a show in Aus” yeah because it was a throw away PPV with Taker vs HHH as the main event ffs, we’re talking about WRESTLEMANIA! Their biggest show and event for the entire year! The amount of press and main stream coverage they get for this one show every year is insane! They spend an entire week in the city it’s held for god sake! They can’t and won’t ever do that outside of the US

  6. Hulk did wrestle at ss92. I know because i am that kid. I didnt die. I went into witness protection. I faked my death because saddam was after me

  7. Wow, if every Internet Mark went out of their way to do the investigating Jason did for this so many of the stuff that is just rumors want to be run as fact

  8. Right Wembley holds 90.000 seated alone FACT n what's left for the seating from the ring to the seats is questioned! I say it's attendance records! They know if would draw! Loads of people! Because if you live in Europe it's easy to get to! Easier then going to the states for a show! For one!

    Also Camp Nou which is in Spain holds seated 99,354 FACT would be good option as also Spain in Europe and also easy to get to if y'all live in Europe!

    They know not many people from the usa is gonna there! Probably dont want chats from random nationality and dunno what they saying! Haha

  9. Ppv isn’t a thing now and they do specials in Saudi Arabia and Australia so this is a lame excuse. And if they did London fans would come from Europe and all over. So it’s true it’s essentially money and tax is very high in uk I don’t know if that would affect them as an American company

  10. Hunter should be working for Capcom after delivering that BS corporate excuse.

  11. It's a typical safe corporate answer. The irony is that I heard that if the Crown Jewel PPV doesn't go ahead from Saudi Arabia it'll likely be transferred to one of the Manchester shows they're already set to run instead.

  12. People were up at 4am to watch Wrestle Kingdom this year, time zones are irrelevant at this point, especially when its only 5 hours

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