The origins of “Protect yourself at all times.”


  1. Its funny to watch Chael just make up these stories. Of course this didnt happen, other than a guy got knocked out one time when he heard a distant bell.

  2. I saw a video with brandon schaub and he said what chael said about the khabib vs mcgregor fight word for word verbatim

  3. Stopped for the wrong bell and got his bell rung ,the universe has a strange way of literally smacking you in the face.

  4. Are telling me someone was a bigger lock then the dream team to win a gold medal

  5. so what we're really saying is, khabib was just protecting himself at all times, and what he did was fine. i agree.

  6. "He keeps me up at night, I… I… I have to tell ya he keeps me up at night. My anxiety gets going.. I can feel my blood pressures going up…" -Chael Sonnen

    Don't worry Chael, come October 13th, you'll get some sleep.


  7. It came from Khabib's teeammates when Conor started sucker punching the shit out of them.

  8. my man chael ive placed a bet for u to win your fight. get it done u goat

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